We are Office Moving Professionals 

Moving Professionals


Healthcare, Law firms, Banking, Government, Courts, Education, Libraries, Engineering, and Research labs.

BMSI offers first-class, white-glove, comprehensive office, and business relocation services. Our relocation specialists intently focus exclusively on business move solutions. Our relocation strategies are process-driven and rooted in actual, real, relocation management involving in-depth planning up front, communication, and on-time execution.

Project Scope and Proposal

Office Site Survey / Inventory

Pre Move Preparation

Moving Your Office

Post Move Activity

Office Moving Alliance

We are proud members of The Office Moving Alliance. We belong to an international network of commercial moving, storage, and office furniture installation specialists servicing many of the largest companies in the world. Founded in 2007, the Office Moving Alliance consists of 42 members in over 100 cities in 12 countries. Most of our members have been in the office moving business for decades, and some for over a century.

BMSI project management and relocation specialists are focused intently on planning, communication with you, creating solutions, managing milestones throughout your project, timely execution and following up after the project. Our Movers, Installers, PC Techs and Drivers are trained to and practice only Office Moving. We do not perform residential / home moving activities. Our team members clearly understand how to work and operate in professional business environments.

Our Statements of Service:

I am a professional in appearance, language and conduct.

I encourage teamwork, communication and safety.

I respond with solutions to my customer’s needs.

I care about my customer’s possessions and business environment.

I understand and I am prepared to perform today’s tasks.

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