Professionals Moving Professionals

Business Move Solutions Inc (BMSI) is a professional full service, turn-key business relocation, furniture installation, warehousing, and logistics specialist.

Technology Services / Cable Management

Our teams specialize in the disconnect /reconnect of your computers and related equipment as well as server and data center moves. Our trained and well-practiced teams are trained to plan and execute complex cable management requirements demanded by today’s office workplace environments.

Office Furniture Installation

Our expert office furniture installers specialize in modular workstations and wood set furniture installation and reconfiguration services with certification from all the major modular / cubicle furniture systems.

Business Archiving and Records Management

Our fully racked, secure, CCTV monitored Archives Department specializes in secure records storage with asset management and tracking capabilities that enable us to securely store, retrieve and redeliver your records.

Asset Management and Warehousing

BMSI’s Delaware Valley Facility features a fully racked warehouse with multiple receiving / loading docks. The facility is secure and CCTV monitored. BMSI Asset Management and Warehousing capabilities include receiving product, inspecting product, scan in/out and online viewing / tracking.

Our History

BMSI is a woman owned small business offering full service commercial relocation, furniture installation, asset management and logistics in the Delaware Valley. Formerly the northernmost service terminal of Office Movers Inc., a Kane Company, the terminal and business was purchased and BMSI was formed in 2007. Prior to the purchase, Office Movers Inc. had been in the Delaware Valley marketplace since 1998.
We are professionals moving professionals and focus our service, communication, and timeliness around that cornerstone of our practice.

All moving companies have dollies, trucks, men and women that can push and lift. Care, knowledge, and pride are what make BMSI an industry leader and separates us from the pack. Every mover carries a printed business card with our Statements of Service. Each moving team is assembled daily to review our statements of service – it is the most important thing we do each day and every day.

BMSI offers first-class, white-glove, comprehensive relocation services. Our relocation specialists intently focus exclusively on business move solutions. Our relocation strategies are process-driven and rooted in actual relocation management involving in-depth planning up front communication and on-time execution.

Business and office environments have evolved into more complex entities over the years by leveraging technology, more efficient furniture systems, filing systems, copy centers, and more sophisticated business regulations demanding many levels of confidentiality. As these facets continue to grow in their respective complexity and silos develop to manage them, the Office Relocation Project, too, becomes more challenging to coordinate.

When your business engages BMSI to create a relocation solution for your move, your business becomes a partner in our process. A Project Manager or Relocation Specialist will create a complete inventory of your space – not eyeball guesses, review the scope of your relocation, conduct a site survey of the send and receive sites, review timing and create a move solution that addresses each of your business needs to maximize efficiency and minimize productivity loss. Our process goes far beyond a promise to simply show up on the day of your move. We own your project.

We are Professionals Moving Professionals.

Betty Greenblatt


Joe Capodanno

Director, Business Development Team

Dave Greenblatt


Chris Luck

Director, Operations and Service Teams

Carol Cathell

VP Finance

Jason Iannone

Manager, Warehouse / Asset Management and Logistics

What We Did In 2018

Workstations Received at our warehouse, redelivered and built in our customer's offices…

Workstations decommissioned and removed from our customer’s offices…

Personnel & contents relocated (Furniture, Files and Equipment)…

Files and charts removed from old shelving, relocated and repopulated in file order…

PC’s disconnected, relocated and reconnected with advanced cable management…

Square feet of office space inspected and de-risked…

Pounds of workstation, furniture, chair, and electronic waste removed and recycled…

Chairs and workstation panels extracted (steam cleaned onsite during off hours)…

Square feet of customers storage within our asset management program…

Our Statements of Service:

I am a professional in appearance, language and conduct.

I encourage teamwork, communication and safety.

I respond with solutions to my customer’s needs.

I care about my customer’s possessions and business environment.

I understand and I am prepared to perform today’s tasks.

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