This past year has been a whirlwind. It’s rolled a grenade into the operations of many businesses. Some have had to downsize and are on the move to smaller locations, needing to do more with less and maybe even having to put inventory into storage. Others have seen almost explosive growth — especially businesses in the online retail and life sciences sectors — and are scrambling to set up expanded operations and manage more space.

No matter what the cause, Business Move Solutions Inc. is here to help your relocation be as cost-effective and smooth as possible. We have a deep bench — expert planning and management personnel, skilled tradespeople, specialized equipment — that can be utilized throughout eastern Pennsylvania (Philadelphia, Bucks, Chester, Delaware County, and Montgomery counties), New Jersey, and New Castle County, Delaware.

If you’re considering a move, keep us in mind. And do your homework (which we can help you with).

Any move should only happen after a thorough risk/benefit analysis (unless, of course, your lease is up and your landlord has other plans for the property). Understanding the facts related to the area you’re considering relocating to and handling the space planning specific to a new location should happen before signing on the dotted line. You don’t want to be surprised after the fact.

The Philly metro area is experiencing significant growth in the business real estate sector. It’s a hot market, especially in the biotech sphere, with a huge amount of laboratory space hitting the market in the coming months. Our project management team knows this industry and has the resources you need at a time when many businesses are on the move.

We can help you manage your business, office moving, including office renovations, furniture installation, glass wall and partition set-up, and a wide array of facility services that will allow your core staff to concentrate on your business — and not the property management business (that’s what we do). We’ll work with your team to create a realistic plan for moving your business that covers all the bases — from physical necessities and a lease-end review to internal and external communication protocols — so that everything that needs to happen when a business relocates has a checkbox next to it. Then we’ll help you check all those boxes off. We can handle everything from developing your relocation master plan to fixing the leaky faucet in the staff kitchen.

And going into 2021, the kinds of services we provide must include dealing with COVID-19 (and now -20 and  possibly-21) realities. Widening corridors, lessening capacity bottlenecks, creating more socially isolated workspaces (while ensuring proper airflow), and incorporating the need for regular cleaning of kitchens, lunchrooms, restrooms, and other high-traffic areas is now a basic part of designing a safe workplace.

And while helping to design and implement your new space, Business Move Solutions Inc. also offers all the services you need to decommission the location you’re leaving (or repurposing it to other uses). This includes moving sensitive (and expensive) equipment, finding storage space, deep cleaning and restoration that meets end-of-lease requirements, and even handling the regulatory requirements for the disposal of hazardous materials.

The commercial real estate market in our region is in a churn. Retail space is being hit hard by COVID protocols and expanded online shopping, while distribution warehouses and bioscience labs are mushrooming. A lot of businesses are on the move, creating competition not only for certain types of real estate but also for companies like Business Move Solutions Inc. that can provide comprehensive, professional moving services. Give us a call so we can get to work.

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