When your business move in Delaware

When your business move in Delaware

Is your business thinking of making a move now that the long COVID-19 “timeout” is on the cusp of ending?

And even if you don’t currently have a concrete plan, maybe you should at least have a preliminary relocation strategy in place. One thing that commonly happens to too many businesses is the decision to relocate happens quickly, leading to an “on the fly” operation that creates disarray, stress, and inefficiencies.

If you have a business anywhere in Delaware—from the WilmingtonNewarkNew Castle area down through Dover and anywhere else—Business Move Solutions Inc. (BMSi) is here to not only help you plan your business move but to do all the dirty work when it happens.

Whether your move is imminent or you want an action plan in the bottom drawer just in case, here are a few tips for staying ahead of the relocation game.

The Big Picture

Start by thinking through your goals and understanding what’s been happening on the ground with your business in the recent past—and whether those trends are likely to continue.

Has a significant portion of your workforce, or particular departments, reacted to COVID-19 by going to work-at-home or flex schedules? Is this now a forced change that, having been adapted, seems to work for everyone? If so, that will need to be clearly reflected moving forward with decision-making about how your company will maintain facilities moving forward.

In what can be a related issue, does your business need to improve its communications infrastructure due to these developments—including possibly finding a location that provides a more stable and powerful conduit to the Internet? Has it become obvious that you need an expanded in-house tech department to support the new reality—and they need a space that works for them?

Really, Make a Plan

Creating realistic schedules is paramount when making a move—or even planning one down the road. And we mean detailed schedules with plenty of subheads. As the great basketball coach John Wooden put it: “It’s the little details that are vital. Little things make big things happen.”

And, if you haven’t lived through one, moving a business is a seriously big thing. A “BFD” as Delaware’s favorite son likes to put it.

One broad idea to keep in mind is it’s always easier to move during the low tide of your business’s annual business cycle. Also, breaking the move into semiautonomous “chunks” that can be given strict time slots in the overall schedule will create a step-by-step rhythm to the process, helping forward momentum. Finally, remember that a realistic schedule depends on an exacting communication protocol that guarantees that the needs and limitations of every department are accounted for throughout the move.

Create a Responsibility Tree

For a successful move, someone has to be responsible for each and everything that has to happen. Spend the time necessary to ensure that there are no cracks in the floor of the flowchart that things can fall through.

That means building a good, solid team that’s ready to work together and taking communication with everyone in your organization seriously. Make sure people feel their needs are being taken seriously—as opposed to their simply being told what to do without any input about how the move will directly affect them.

These three basic building blocks of an efficient, successful move can be handled in-house. But don’t forget that some of us handle these kinds of projects for a living. BMSi can provide consultation services that can make things go even more smoothly, enabling you to continue concentrating on your core business operations.

And when it comes to the big day, when everything is actually picked up (after the breakables have been carefully packed), we can provide you with all the services you need. So, if you’re going to be on the move in Delaware anytime soon—or want to prepare for that possibility—please get in touch.

Preserving What Can’t Be Thrown Away

Preserving What Can’t Be Thrown Away

Running a workplace can create a whole host of problems.

But Business Move Solutions Inc. (BMSi) is here to provide you with the Workplace Solutions that’ll solve them.

Whether your business is making a major move to a new location, has an office in dire need of renovations at end of the lease, workstation cleaning (or installation or reconfiguration of upgraded furniture), have items that need to be warehoused, records that need to be archived safely while still being accessible, or is decommissioning a space as part of a reorganization—BMSi can help you manage essential tasks that are not part of your core business.

We can provide solutions for just about any kind of business in the greater Philadelphia metro region with our savvy consultants or our on-the-ground team that can do work that needs doing directly. This includes Pennsylvania (Bucks and Montgomery counties), southern New Jersey (Burlington, Camden, Gloucester, Salem, Cumberland, Atlantic, and Cape May counties), and Delaware (New Castle County).

When your business moving to another location, it’s clear that there’s a great deal to do, including carefully planning how your new space will need to be setup. But even if your staying in your current location, taking an analytical look at how your space is organized might still be in order.

The fact is that architectural realities and interior design—often driven by technological change—shapes every workplace, which in turn shapes the people working within. This actuality will come together whether there is forethought or not (i.e., a managerial strategy of just hoping for the best). In contrast, it can be shaped and created through a professional process that has the big picture in focus at all times.

Creating a functional, ergonomic, and productive workplace demands an eye for design, an understanding of current tech, and a team that can make the well-thought-out blueprint an actual reality. Then there’s the (hopefully) once-in-a-lifetime lesson that we’ve experienced for the last year: there is an ongoing need to mitigate the spread of communicable diseases in the places where people come together. All of this creates a challenging suite of issues to balance—the kind that BMSi can help any client manage better.

Whether it’s installing the latest modular workstations, moveable partitions, unsnarling a tangle of wiring with a proper cable management system, glass walls, office painting, carpeting or safely storing assets that are just getting in the way, we can provide services that will make managing your business easier.

We can come into your workplace, study how it’s set up and how it’s working, and then develop ideas and plans that will make it better. Whether what needs to happen is some tweaking or a full-on renovation, we can bring to your attention industry best practices and design concepts that may make a huge difference over the long run.

And if your business is on the move or near the end of the lease, we can handle the planning, prep, move, and cleanup for you:

  • At your old space, doing everything to meet all the end-of-lease requirements like repairs (walls, doors, windows, blinds, ceiling tiles, carpets, concrete floors, and all plumbing and electrical work that is needed) and cleaning (warehouses, restrooms, kitchens, appliances, cabinets, removing signage).
  • Handling the move itself with a crew of experienced and fully insured professionals who will box up and transport everything you’re taking with you to your new space.
  • Prepping your new business’s home, including fully installing your computer system and taking care of any specialized electrical or plumbing needs ahead of the move.
  • Warehousing any items that you don’t want to dispose of but don’t have an immediate need for.
  • Archiving valuable records at our facility that provides 24/7 security and a climate-controlled atmosphere that will protect your property going forward.

Business Move Solutions Inc. (BMSi) provides a wide range of Workplace Solutions that can save your enterprise time, money, and headaches. Let us share our knowledge and experience and help build the foundation on which your business can grow.

Preserving What Can’t Be Thrown Away

Preserving What Can’t Be Thrown Away

Managing your business’s archives is not anyone’s idea of a glamorous gig. Out of sight, out of mind, right?

That works great until there’s a sudden need for them.

Is management doing a deep dive into previous administrative decision-making to better understand current challenges? Find yourself being sued and need evidence in your defense—say, a trademark infringement case that requires a thorough timeline of a product’s development?

That’s why companies need to take their archival practices seriously. Not doing so can create the dreaded “we got caught with our pants down” scenario.

And if a business is growing, then its accumulation of records is growing too—and probably piling up in corners, haphazardly crammed onto storage shelves, and basically taking over like some paperwork monster from a horror film.

Business Move Solutions Inc. (BMSi) provides a wide range of office moving and general business support services in the greater Philadelphia area across Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and the Delaware tri-state region. And one of our primary offerings is an archive records service, one that provides secure storage and organization in a fully racked, environmentally controlled, CCTV-monitored warehouse that will not only store your records safely but also provide quick, efficient access to them.

If your current storage “system” is shoving paperwork into those fancy boxes you sent an intern down to Staples to buy and then piling those boxes in a closet or, worse yet, in a basement waiting for a flood—well, there’s a better way. Such a “system” certainly lacks proper security (due to floods, fires, rodents, and accidental disposal) and even worse, eventually, no one remembers what’s in which box (or even where a specific box is located).

Properly archived records are easier to access and, well, more likely to actually still exist when needed.

The primary reasons for creating legitimate records archival procedures are:

  • Guard Against Data Loss: Storing your records in a facility specifically designed for that purpose means you’re getting a state-of-the-art fire suppression, security, and conservation system. Records won’t get moldy, stolen, chewed on, or turned to ashes. Our facility already stores over 40,000 square feet of our clients’ records—safely and securely.
  • Cover Your Legal Bases: State and federal agencies require the retention of a wide range of documentation. Your legal staff and counsel will advise another tranche of records to retain. Our tracking system, which is an intrinsic aspect of our archive records service, will help you develop retention schedules and a methodological approach to this aspect of your business.
  • Guard Against Cyber Theft: Archiving physical records is also a good counter-measure against cyber attacks, especially ransomware assaults that lock a company out of its own virtual data (maybe until a payoff is made—or maybe not). Paper records and backup hard drives stored at a separate facility guard against this fate.

More and more businesses are realizing how vital it is to have a professional, well-developed records retention system as a normal aspect of commerce. Because BMSi is a company that thinks about the needs of businesses every day—at its core, it’s what our business is—we have created our Archive Records department to meet the highest standards and best serve our clients.

If you have a business in our area—Bucks and Montgomery counties in Pennsylvania; New Castle County in Delaware; or Burlington, Camden, Gloucester, Salem, Cumberland, Atlantic, or Cape May counties in New Jersey—then get in touch so we can help ensure that you’re doing the vital, but not very glamorous, the job of protecting your business by properly retaining its records.

Getting Prepped to Move Your Lab

Getting Prepped to Move Your Lab

We move laboratories, pharmaceutical. relocating biotech, life sciences lab. Moving a working laboratory is a challenging endeavor. It will demand significant investment in logistical planning and preventive preparation. Failing to do so will leave you in a minefield of your own making.

Handled badly, relocating biotech, pharmaceutical, or life sciences lab can have severe ramifications. There are the obvious pitfalls, like damaging delicate equipment that will take days — if not weeks — to repair or replace (and the subsequent budgetary nightmares). But a “bad trip” could also compromise the veracity of ongoing research, resulting in expensive “redoes” of intricate work (and the crippling project delays such a scenario would entail).

If the decision to make a move has been made, it’s probably for a good reason. But don’t let a smart decision turn into a disaster because of poor implementation.

If you are in the greater Philadelphia region—eastern Pennsylvania’s Bucks and Montgomery counties, South and North Jersey, or New Castle County in Delaware—then let Business Move Solutions Inc. (BMSI) help you relocate your lab. We’ve done this many times before and will guide you through a thorough and cost-effective relocation project.

Each step in the process is important, but laying the proper foundation is key. Celebrating a successful move is rooted in proper early planning.

Site Assessment and Preplanning

Relying heavily on your lab managers, build an internal team 6-to-12 months out. It should encompass the entire organization (finance, site management) while emphasizing the expertise of core science staff. This “tip of the spear” team should immediately:

  • Get a detailed handle on the physical realities of both the current and new lab;
  • Build a full inventory of all specialized equipment (including current condition and performance parameters) and all chemicals, live samples, and other materials that have strict temperature requirements;
  • Create an inventory for more mundane material like office furniture and general lab equipment;
  • Research all federal, state, and local permitting issues (both for the new facility and cleanup requirements for the lab being left behind), which will require detailed knowledge spanning a range of federal agencies (EPA, OSHA, DOT, FDA) and local agencies, with a special emphasis on proper documentation at every step;
  • To support full documentation, develop a chain of custody for each significant piece of equipment and lab sample being transported, with a clear line that includes each person who is responsible at each step of the process;
  • Create detailed maps of both facilities, including where sensitive equipment and materials are and how to access the loading areas.

Build an Action Plan and Schedule

Once all the preliminary information is correlated, a clear and concise plan can be developed. Expect this process to take 3 to 6 months, including a thorough final review by major stakeholders in your organization. The goal is to ensure there is a flow of information between management, lab supervisors, scientists, equipment vendors, and outside firms. These efforts should include:

  • A comprehensive schedule, with firm timetables, that covers all items being moved;
  • The identification, then subsequent prioritization, of assets (including their placement at the final destination);
  • Assessment of potential logistical issues and ways to overcome them, including all transportation requirements;
  • A communication plan that ensures that all stakeholders will know, well in advance, when equipment will go offline, how long that will remain the case, when loading docks will need to be used, decommissioning decisions regarding some items, and an understanding of the project for all operational departments.

Integrate Project Management Support

At any point during this preplanning and full planning arc, it will be time to integrate an external project manager to oversee the actual move. They should be brought on to provide expertise and the “boots on the ground” who will handle the physical move. The job skills and knowledge crucial to running a laboratory are not the same as those required to move one. We here at BMSi do have that experience, along with the specialized equipment and know-how, to help you plan — and then execute — the relocation of your lab facility.

We’ll help you figure out what you need to get done and then … get it done.

Being Ready for a Transformative 2021

Being Ready for a Transformative 2021

This past year has been a whirlwind. It’s rolled a grenade into the operations of many businesses. Some have had to downsize and are on the move to smaller locations, needing to do more with less and maybe even having to put inventory into storage. Others have seen almost explosive growth — especially businesses in the online retail and life sciences sectors — and are scrambling to set up expanded operations and manage more space.

No matter what the cause, Business Move Solutions Inc. is here to help your relocation be as cost-effective and smooth as possible. We have a deep bench — expert planning and management personnel, skilled tradespeople, specialized equipment — that can be utilized throughout eastern Pennsylvania (Philadelphia, Bucks, Chester, Delaware County, and Montgomery counties), New Jersey, and New Castle County, Delaware.

If you’re considering a move, keep us in mind. And do your homework (which we can help you with).

Any move should only happen after a thorough risk/benefit analysis (unless, of course, your lease is up and your landlord has other plans for the property). Understanding the facts related to the area you’re considering relocating to and handling the space planning specific to a new location should happen before signing on the dotted line. You don’t want to be surprised after the fact.

The Philly metro area is experiencing significant growth in the business real estate sector. It’s a hot market, especially in the biotech sphere, with a huge amount of laboratory space hitting the market in the coming months. Our project management team knows this industry and has the resources you need at a time when many businesses are on the move.

We can help you manage your business, office moving, including office renovations, furniture installation, glass wall and partition set-up, and a wide array of facility services that will allow your core staff to concentrate on your business — and not the property management business (that’s what we do). We’ll work with your team to create a realistic plan for moving your business that covers all the bases — from physical necessities and a lease-end review to internal and external communication protocols — so that everything that needs to happen when a business relocates has a checkbox next to it. Then we’ll help you check all those boxes off. We can handle everything from developing your relocation master plan to fixing the leaky faucet in the staff kitchen.

And going into 2021, the kinds of services we provide must include dealing with COVID-19 (and now -20 and  possibly-21) realities. Widening corridors, lessening capacity bottlenecks, creating more socially isolated workspaces (while ensuring proper airflow), and incorporating the need for regular cleaning of kitchens, lunchrooms, restrooms, and other high-traffic areas is now a basic part of designing a safe workplace.

And while helping to design and implement your new space, Business Move Solutions Inc. also offers all the services you need to decommission the location you’re leaving (or repurposing it to other uses). This includes moving sensitive (and expensive) equipment, finding storage space, deep cleaning and restoration that meets end-of-lease requirements, and even handling the regulatory requirements for the disposal of hazardous materials.

The commercial real estate market in our region is in a churn. Retail space is being hit hard by COVID protocols and expanded online shopping, while distribution warehouses and bioscience labs are mushrooming. A lot of businesses are on the move, creating competition not only for certain types of real estate but also for companies like Business Move Solutions Inc. that can provide comprehensive, professional moving services. Give us a call so we can get to work.

Don’t Get Burned in Our Hot Market

Don’t Get Burned in Our Hot Market

It’s been clear to anyone in the industry that Philadelphia is home to a thriving life sciences economy, one that is showing strong growth and is looking primed to continue expanding through the new year.

As captured in a recent article in Philadelphia magazine entitled “How Philly’s Bioscience Sector Is Driving the City’s Next Big Real Estate Boom,” there are upwards of one million square feet of laboratory space under construction.

According to the story, “ … the world’s largest real estate services company, CBRE, ranked Philly number eight on its 2019 top 10 list of the nation’s leading life sciences hubs.” This relatively quick ascent into a league that includes greater Boston, the San Francisco Bay Area, and our neighbors to the south in the BioHealth Capital Region has meant a lot of shuffling of labs for companies in the Bucks, Chester, Delaware, Montgomery, and Philadelphia county area.

If your facility has been drawn into this maelstrom, then Business Move Solutions Inc. is ready to handle your laboratory relocation project.

As outlined in the Philadelphia magazine piece, change is the name of the game in our area. The growing specialization in cell and gene therapy that marks the University City section around Drexel and UPenn has sparked unprecedented growth — and an incredibly tight real estate market in the life sciences sector (down around a two percent vacancy rate). This core area of research, anchored by the 30th Street Station, includes soon-to-go-online facilities that are part of the Schuylkill Yards, uCity Square, and nearby Pennovation Works projects. Add to that core biotech developments in Philadelphia proper at the Navy Yard, Old City, and the Curtis Center and farther-afield projects like the Center for Breakthrough Medicines in King of Prussia and the Pennsylvania Biotechnology Center in Doylestown (Bucks County) and it equals a vibrant, but competitive, life sciences sector.

“So I really see our strength as being regional, as opposed to Philadelphia-centric. And I think we’re all going to do well together,” Sam Woods Thomas, the director of life sciences and biotechnology for the City of Philadelphia, is quoted as saying. “Philadelphia is certainly the reason why all these companies are coming here, but to have these auxiliary locations — that can only help us, and our existence can only help them.”

With so much new space coming onto the market in 2021, lining up the required moving specialists who have access to both the staff and equipment to handle the relocation of expensive lab apparatus, live specimens and all the assorted supporting material will be its own headache.

Pulling off a successful lab move takes months of careful planning. But with Business Move Solutions handling so much of that drudge work — not to mention the day-of physical move and the cleaning, renovation, or repair of the property you’re exiting — it does not have to be an odious journey. We’ve done this many times before for our clients and understand the process.

We can work with your original equipment manufacturers (OEM) to prepare for moving and calibrating your most vital lab equipment, arrange all the logistics for safely transporting chemicals and live samples, prep your new lab before the move, fully decommission your old lab after the move, and handle all the necessary paperwork related to decontamination. At the center of our work is a track record of getting labs back to work in a 24-to-48 hour turnaround window.

If you’re about to play the Philadelphia version of biotech-lab musical chairs, let us help make sure you’re not left standing when the music stops.

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