Preserving What Can’t Be Thrown Away

Preserving What Can’t Be Thrown Away

Running a workplace can create a whole host of problems.

But Business Move Solutions Inc. (BMSi) is here to provide you with the Workplace Solutions that’ll solve them.

Whether your business is making a major move to a new location, has an office in dire need of renovations at end of the lease, workstation cleaning (or installation or reconfiguration of upgraded furniture), have items that need to be warehoused, records that need to be archived safely while still being accessible, or is decommissioning a space as part of a reorganization—BMSi can help you manage essential tasks that are not part of your core business.

We can provide solutions for just about any kind of business in the greater Philadelphia metro region with our savvy consultants or our on-the-ground team that can do work that needs doing directly. This includes Pennsylvania (Bucks and Montgomery counties), southern New Jersey (Burlington, Camden, Gloucester, Salem, Cumberland, Atlantic, and Cape May counties), and Delaware (New Castle County).

When your business moving to another location, it’s clear that there’s a great deal to do, including carefully planning how your new space will need to be setup. But even if your staying in your current location, taking an analytical look at how your space is organized might still be in order.

The fact is that architectural realities and interior design—often driven by technological change—shapes every workplace, which in turn shapes the people working within. This actuality will come together whether there is forethought or not (i.e., a managerial strategy of just hoping for the best). In contrast, it can be shaped and created through a professional process that has the big picture in focus at all times.

Creating a functional, ergonomic, and productive workplace demands an eye for design, an understanding of current tech, and a team that can make the well-thought-out blueprint an actual reality. Then there’s the (hopefully) once-in-a-lifetime lesson that we’ve experienced for the last year: there is an ongoing need to mitigate the spread of communicable diseases in the places where people come together. All of this creates a challenging suite of issues to balance—the kind that BMSi can help any client manage better.

Whether it’s installing the latest modular workstations, moveable partitions, unsnarling a tangle of wiring with a proper cable management system, glass walls, office painting, carpeting or safely storing assets that are just getting in the way, we can provide services that will make managing your business easier.

We can come into your workplace, study how it’s set up and how it’s working, and then develop ideas and plans that will make it better. Whether what needs to happen is some tweaking or a full-on renovation, we can bring to your attention industry best practices and design concepts that may make a huge difference over the long run.

And if your business is on the move or near the end of the lease, we can handle the planning, prep, move, and cleanup for you:

  • At your old space, doing everything to meet all the end-of-lease requirements like repairs (walls, doors, windows, blinds, ceiling tiles, carpets, concrete floors, and all plumbing and electrical work that is needed) and cleaning (warehouses, restrooms, kitchens, appliances, cabinets, removing signage).
  • Handling the move itself with a crew of experienced and fully insured professionals who will box up and transport everything you’re taking with you to your new space.
  • Prepping your new business’s home, including fully installing your computer system and taking care of any specialized electrical or plumbing needs ahead of the move.
  • Warehousing any items that you don’t want to dispose of but don’t have an immediate need for.
  • Archiving valuable records at our facility that provides 24/7 security and a climate-controlled atmosphere that will protect your property going forward.

Business Move Solutions Inc. (BMSi) provides a wide range of Workplace Solutions that can save your enterprise time, money, and headaches. Let us share our knowledge and experience and help build the foundation on which your business can grow.

Getting Prepped to Move Your Lab

Getting Prepped to Move Your Lab

We move laboratories, pharmaceutical. relocating biotech, life sciences lab. Moving a working laboratory is a challenging endeavor. It will demand significant investment in logistical planning and preventive preparation. Failing to do so will leave you in a minefield of your own making.

Handled badly, relocating biotech, pharmaceutical, or life sciences lab can have severe ramifications. There are the obvious pitfalls, like damaging delicate equipment that will take days — if not weeks — to repair or replace (and the subsequent budgetary nightmares). But a “bad trip” could also compromise the veracity of ongoing research, resulting in expensive “redoes” of intricate work (and the crippling project delays such a scenario would entail).

If the decision to make a move has been made, it’s probably for a good reason. But don’t let a smart decision turn into a disaster because of poor implementation.

If you are in the greater Philadelphia region—eastern Pennsylvania’s Bucks and Montgomery counties, South and North Jersey, or New Castle County in Delaware—then let Business Move Solutions Inc. (BMSI) help you relocate your lab. We’ve done this many times before and will guide you through a thorough and cost-effective relocation project.

Each step in the process is important, but laying the proper foundation is key. Celebrating a successful move is rooted in proper early planning.

Site Assessment and Preplanning

Relying heavily on your lab managers, build an internal team 6-to-12 months out. It should encompass the entire organization (finance, site management) while emphasizing the expertise of core science staff. This “tip of the spear” team should immediately:

  • Get a detailed handle on the physical realities of both the current and new lab;
  • Build a full inventory of all specialized equipment (including current condition and performance parameters) and all chemicals, live samples, and other materials that have strict temperature requirements;
  • Create an inventory for more mundane material like office furniture and general lab equipment;
  • Research all federal, state, and local permitting issues (both for the new facility and cleanup requirements for the lab being left behind), which will require detailed knowledge spanning a range of federal agencies (EPA, OSHA, DOT, FDA) and local agencies, with a special emphasis on proper documentation at every step;
  • To support full documentation, develop a chain of custody for each significant piece of equipment and lab sample being transported, with a clear line that includes each person who is responsible at each step of the process;
  • Create detailed maps of both facilities, including where sensitive equipment and materials are and how to access the loading areas.

Build an Action Plan and Schedule

Once all the preliminary information is correlated, a clear and concise plan can be developed. Expect this process to take 3 to 6 months, including a thorough final review by major stakeholders in your organization. The goal is to ensure there is a flow of information between management, lab supervisors, scientists, equipment vendors, and outside firms. These efforts should include:

  • A comprehensive schedule, with firm timetables, that covers all items being moved;
  • The identification, then subsequent prioritization, of assets (including their placement at the final destination);
  • Assessment of potential logistical issues and ways to overcome them, including all transportation requirements;
  • A communication plan that ensures that all stakeholders will know, well in advance, when equipment will go offline, how long that will remain the case, when loading docks will need to be used, decommissioning decisions regarding some items, and an understanding of the project for all operational departments.

Integrate Project Management Support

At any point during this preplanning and full planning arc, it will be time to integrate an external project manager to oversee the actual move. They should be brought on to provide expertise and the “boots on the ground” who will handle the physical move. The job skills and knowledge crucial to running a laboratory are not the same as those required to move one. We here at BMSi do have that experience, along with the specialized equipment and know-how, to help you plan — and then execute — the relocation of your lab facility.

We’ll help you figure out what you need to get done and then … get it done.

What’s A Workplace Solution?

What’s A Workplace Solution?

The phrase “workplace solution” has come to have more than one meaning in the business world. In the realm of human resources, it deals with a wide range of strategies to improve the interaction of management and employees. When focused on a specific workplace, it is usually a framework for making human collaborations more efficient and pleasant.

But the concept can also be tied directly to the physical reality of the workplace — as opposed to cerebral activity hosted there — and encompasses a suite of best practices and services for organizing and making safe and occupational location. And it should be noted that a well-ordered, ergonomic, and clean work environment will actually improve everything that the human resources department works so hard to achieve.

So, what can a focused workplace solutions effort do?

Create A Better Setting

Workplace solutions can take a business location, examine and critique its current realities, and then develop a better way of doing things — meaning the creation of a better place to work. This falls under the realm of what is known as space planning.

Just as an architect builds around the requirements of a client to create a building that is best suited for their purposes, a workplace solutions consultant will help plan and create physical spaces within a building that make for environments that best support the tasks carried out therein. The bulk of a company’s work is usually done in a specific location. It is paramount that it supports the health (mental and physical) of the people working there — and their ability to focus.

Once planning is complete, workplace solutions specialists also handle any office renovations or furniture installation necessary to carry out the plan. They offer umbrella services to assist with a comprehensive solution.

Renovation projects are always, well … a project. A dedicated workplace solutions company can handle all the details — any necessary permitting, arrangements with landlords, acting as the project manager with contractors — so that the job gets done right while not chewing up their client’s human and capital resources.

Furniture installation isn’t as complex a chore, but don’t underestimate the things that can go wrong. Employees not used to this kind of work can get hurt (and rightly file for workers’ compensation or healthcare-related expenses). Expensive new or existing physical capital can be damaged. A workplace solutions business specializes in getting these kinds of tasks done without any drama.

Make It a Safer Workplace

Safety is always an important concern in any office or factory setting. Good space planning is actually an important aspect of creating a safe workplace. And cleanliness is always important.

In the age of COVID-19, these issues are even more vital. Workplace solutions include a bundle of sanitation actions known as “final clean” services. Whether ongoing, part of a major overhaul, or as one of the final steps of a relocation, final cleans are thorough, expert maintenance cleanups that handle the dirty work that needs to get done.

Likewise, glass wall installations are a workplace solution finding more traction in the age of COVID. These barriers will reinforce social distancing in the workplace while also creating versatile, usable spaces that are full of light — acting as a physical manifestation of safe collaboration.

If Moving On Is the Thing To Do

If a current space has been outgrown — or just not feasible for any reason — then managing and handling office moving projects also falls under the realm of workplace solutions. This entails all aspects of the planning, undertaking, and finalizing of major office relocations — including the full final clean of the space being vacated so that security deposit requirements are met.

Just as companies sometimes bring in human resource specialists to get an outsider’s eye and expertise about how they manage their workplace, bringing in a workplace solutions company to oversee space planning, office renovations, or any number of other important tasks is often just what a company needs.

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