Many workspaces are in a state of flux—or are about to be—as the massive disruption of the COVID-19 lockdown gives way to what looks like will be a stretch of rapid economic growth. The need to expand or contract workforces—along with incorporating the trends like flex hours and work-from-home schemes that took off in the past year—will be a challenge for property managers and workspace administrators.

There are a myriad of issues that come into play. One of them is having the best furniture to support your workforce.

Business Move Solutions Inc. (BMSi) is a Delaware-based, comprehensive services company that can provide a wide range of professional commercial services, including consultation and installation of business furniture.

We have a highly skilled team of carpenters and installers who know all the tricks of the trade when it comes to furniture systems, whether legacy or state-of-the-art. We can install new furniture, repurpose existing stock, and repair just about anything.

One of the really important benefits of hiring us is that your employees won’t end up starring in some mash-up of the aftermath of a trip to Ikea and an episode of The Office. Don’t stress your staff out, end up dealing with a bunch of broken furniture, or have any workman’s comp drama (like in that episode of The Office).

There are several integrated services we can provide—whether its because you need to reconfigure your current office, adjust to fluctuations in the size of your workforce, or relocate to a new facility—including:

  • full asset management of your furniture stock
  • space validation that ensures that ingress and egress requirements are met
  • full installation projects that include transport, assembly, adjustment, and debris removal
  • the cleaning, repairing, and repainting of panel dividers
  • installation of glass wall partitions
  • customized adjustments

Given how the past year has been a crash course on flexibility, one trend in office design is incorporating movable office furniture into workplaces, which allows for the quick adaptation of how spaces are demarcated and used. It’s a way to prepare for what is likely to be a less synchronized work structure moving forward, with the “normal” 40-hour workweek (at least for many white-collar positions) being supplemented by a more free-form arrangement: a mix of flex schedule employees and freelancers coming together on a per diem basis. Workspaces will need to be adaptable to best serve such evolving in-house work patterns.

BMSi can provide the initial set-up of such movable office furniture systems, along with mobile walls (including motorized models) that are crucial in controlling sound, providing privacy, and allowing for the social distancing that will continue to be an issue on the tail end of the pandemic.

Such modular furniture-and-partition systems can, in the right circumstances, offer substantial savings over repeated office refits.

We can do this while continuing to provide full support for traditional office furniture products, including complete installation and maintenance services for life science laboratories and related biotech and pharmaceutical facilities. We are deeply experienced with the broad portfolio of the kind of office furniture and manufacturing infrastructure systems that may be perfect for your emerging workplace reality.

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