One of the secrets of life is learning what you’re good at.

Another one is learning to hire someone else to do the other stuff.

Whether you manage a “normal” business office in fields such as healthcare, law, banking, or government — or a more specialized workspace such as courts, educational facilities, libraries, or even engineering and research labs — Business Moving Solutions Inc. (BMSI) can handle your move.

We can manage everything that goes into a successful, drama-free relocation. This is what we’re good at. BMSI can provide services like preparing the project scope proposal, office site surveys, full inventories, pre-move preparation, furniture installation at your new space, warehousing and archiving of valuable materials, and full decommissioning of your office space after your business move.

And there’s much to do when moving a place of business.

Everything from building an in-house team to be responsible for the full logistics of the move, creating a realistic schedule that fits everyone else’s schedule, combing through your current lease to make sure you understand its requirements on the way out the door, ensuring all your customers and vendors know where you’re going … and then handling the packing, sorting, and documentation of your property … and making sure the new location is ready for the move … and then moving everything  … and then unpacking everything … and then making sure everything is up-and-running.

That’s a big, cumbersome, intimidating list.

And that’s why hiring office moving professionals like BMSI may be your best bet if you need to relocate in the Wilmington, Philadelphia, and Delaware Valley region.

We can offer full-service turnkey business relocation assistance, from “white-collar” business archiving and records management to “blue-collar” moving and furniture installation. We’re your one-stop-shop for getting from Point A to Point B as efficiently, pleasantly, and economically as possible.

Our staff includes tech specialists who can handle the relocation of servers and other data storage devices, including all aspects of cable management (and isn’t cabling one of the great joys of life?). You’ve probably invested a great deal of capital into your computers; we know how to handle them.

And we operate our own secure properties that can handle a wide range of storage needs if you have “overflow” issues, from business archiving and records management to asset management and warehousing. Our Archives Department is a safe, CCTV-monitored facility with state-of-the-art tracking capabilities that can not only securely store your records but also ensure that they can be retrieved quickly when you need them. We also can handle all aspects of shipping and receiving, including inspection, scan-in/scan-out, and online viewing/tracking. This kind of warehouse support can enable a business to handle growth securely and practically.

Finally, our team of office furniture installers can carry out the safe installation of any kind of modular workstation, furniture, and reconfiguration. We are certified by all the major modular/cubicle furniture systems on the market.

What it boils down to is that we are office moving professionals. BMSI can handle all aspects of moving your office — and storing any materials that you’re running out of space for — providing you with reliable, professional service and the peace of mind that comes with it.



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