The past year has been a collective chore-like no other. Many businesses have had to downsize and reorganize — and that has sometimes included relocating (while it should be noted that some businesses enjoyed the opposite dynamic in these trying times and needed to expand).

But this time next year? Things may look very different; businesses may be on the move in a very crowded market as a rising tide is lifting all boats.

There’s an expectation amongst many economists that, once a significant majority of the population has been vaccinated for COVID, the American economy is going to rebound in a big way. What will eventually happen is the accumulated savings of the portion of the population that hasn’t been hurt too badly by the lockdown (basically those who can work from home) will flood the zone at the same time that people who were cut off from work are surging back into full employment, creating an economic takeoff scenario.

“But on other fronts, there’s a clear case for optimism. Science has come to our rescue, big time, with the miraculously fast development of vaccines against the coronavirus. True, the United States is botching the initial rollout, which should surprise nobody. But this is probably just a temporary hitch … and once we’ve achieved widespread vaccination, the economy will bounce back. The question is, how big will the bounce be?” wrote the Nobel Prize-winning economist Paul Krugman in the New York Times on January 4, 2021. “Our last economic crisis was followed by a sluggish recovery. Employment didn’t return to 2007 levels until 2014; real median household income didn’t regain the lost ground until 2016 … but the crisis of 2020 was very different from the crisis of 2008, in ways that make our prospects look much better this time around.”

If the economy gets rolling, the business real estate market in the greater Philadelphia area is sure to be hopping. There’s already the biotech and life sciences splurge underway centered on the research engines of UPenn and Drexel. If other sectors get going as part of a national economic expansion, then businesses might be on the move throughout the Philly corridor, including southern New Jersey, northern Delaware, and the Pennsylvania counties around Philly (Philadelphia, Bucks, Chester, Delaware, and Montgomery).

And Business Move Solutions Inc. will be here, ready to help you make a smooth transition to your new digs. We have a process, developed over our years of experience in the field, that we will use to get you moved — no matter how crazy the market is.

We’ll start by setting up an initial meeting that will include a full site survey, resulting in a detailed inventory of what’s on the move. Then we’ll generate a scope of work proposal detailing precisely what needs to get done. After we’re on the same page, we’ll prep the move with your staff and do the necessary tasks, like producing pre-printed labels, that will help moving day go smoothly. When that day comes, our team will descend on your space, putting everything in order and onto the trucks with care and then setting it all up again at your new location (where you need it efficiently). And after your move, we’ll still be there to deal with any issues that might crop up and ensure that all the required paperwork is taken care of.

We offer a full array of moving and furniture installation services and will deliver your business to its new digs with professionalism and meticulousness. There’s a good chance that there’ll be many moving parts in the regional commercial real estate scene in the coming year and, if we finally get a handle on the pandemic, then an economic boom will make for busy schedules for business moving firms like ours. Give us a call now to beat the rush.

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