Moving Your Office Should Not Be a Headache

Planning and executing a full office move is no one’s idea of fun. But there’s no reason it has to be awful. It’s both an art and a science that, luckily, some of us are adept at handling.

At Business Moving Solutions Inc. (BMSI), we provide a wide range of workplace solutions, including a full and complete moving system that you can use to make your office relocation headache free.

We’ll be your partner throughout the process, providing you with industry expertise that can only be earned by doing this kind of work regularly. With our help, you can minimize the disruption to your business that moving can cause and get up-and-running in your new digs as quickly as possible. When on the move in the Wilmington, New Castle, Delaware, Philadelphia, or Delaware Valley region, realize that BMSi has done this for many clients before.

Our turn-key relocation support will plug you into an already fully developed system; you don’t have to reinvent the wheel because we’ve already done that. We’ll help you plan and budget your move, tie up the loose ends at your old space, prep and make ready your new space, and not only hold your hand through the whole process but carefully pack up your property and lug your furniture too.

With our team of packers and movers, computer technicians, document specialists, and operational managers, we will seamlessly handle the planning, logistical challenges, and physical movement of your assets to your new place of business.

Step-by-step, we’ll hammer out a realistic schedule, inspect everything so there are no surprises, pack and label your property, make sure your IT transfers successfully (including the under-the-hood cabling that can be such a headache), install furniture both new and existing (including cleaning services that can bring new life to what you already own), make the move, and decommission the space your leaving (including full cleaning and renovations to ensure you meet the requirements of your lease).

It all starts with getting fully organized and bearing down on the logistical planning. We’ll help you create in-house lines of responsibility and a systematic approach to getting everything where it needs to go (and making shrewd decisions about the best way to use your new space). There will be project plans, space planning, and an increasing sense that you’ve got things under control.

We’ll have our tech team integrate with your team to institute a careful powering-down process that will lead to a smooth and successful powering-up on the other end of the move. Issues like degree of confidentiality and chain of custody will be managed and any sensitive materials treated appropriately.

Our crew will then carefully pack and label materials, designating clearly where they are going upon delivery at the new location. All of this will have been organized during the logistical planning. Together, we will have created the instruction manual for your move — and then our team will follow it to the letter.

Once we’ve moved you in, we’ll be there to handle any loose ends that might crop up while simultaneously doing a clean sweep of the property you’ve left. We will have carefully reviewed your lease and will make sure its exit requirements are met, including deep cleaning and full renovations of the space to return it to move in condition.

Moving an entire office is something you — or members of your staff — may have never done before. But we have. BMSI has, over years of service, developed a thorough and systematic approach to moving a wide range of businesses. We’ll not only help you move, we’ll help you not stress out about it, keeping the headaches at bay.


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