As the ever-exciting year of 2020 comes to a close and Philadelphia’s late-breaking moment in the national spotlight — Gritty becoming a national political meme and Four Seasons Total Landscaping rising to become the country’s most famous lawn and garden supplier ever — things should settle down now, right?

Well, maybe not.

There is an incredible amount of churn in the American economy. Many businesses have seen COVID-19 rapidly expand their operations and they are scrambling to keep up with their need for workable space. And unfortunately, other businesses are having to downsize on-the-fly and adapt to a new reality that might be in place for a while.

For example, Philadelphia — along with Montgomery County, Bucks County, and Delaware — are home to a myriad of life sciences and biotech facilities. Some, especially those handling medical research, are rapidly expanding in the face of a global pandemic. Others are facing institutional budget shortfalls from the economic impacts of COVID-19 that, sadly, is forcing cutbacks at many organizations.

Businesses across every sector are facing similar pressures.

Which brings us to the kind of workplace solutions that Business Move Solutions Inc. can offer any commercial operation or institution that is facing the need to relocate, store records, or warehouse valuable assets that are temporarily going offline.

We are a company with deep resources in the greater Philadelphia metropolitan area that has handled the moving of a wide range of facilities — including healthcare operations, law firms, banks, governmental agencies (including courts, schools, and libraries), and engineering and research labs. We understand the need for both speed and caution when entrusted with the physical essentials of your business or institution. We can handle every aspect of planning for — and carrying out — a comprehensive office or business relocation.

That includes all the particulars of end-of-lease transitions, including patching and painting walls, cleaning carpets, and ensuring that you’ll get your security deposit upon exit. We can provide full decontamination services and the safe, legal disposal of HAZMAT (including handling federal, state, and local documentation requirements).

On the other end, our staff can handle prepping a new facility — everything from getting electrical, plumbing, and HVAC systems up-and-running to the installation of glass wall partitions and other steps necessary to create a safe, socially distanced work environment.

In addition, we have our own asset management facility that can host any equipment, furniture, or other material that you can no longer store onsite — but are not ready to liquidate — in a climate-controlled setting. You can even monitor your inventory stored within our 60,000 square foot secure warehouse at any time using our online portal where with your unique username and passcode.

Our storage service also includes the packing and transporting of your office furniture, workstations, filing cabinets, and any other material; inspection at intake; protective covering during storage; assignment of bar code identifiers for each object (including a corresponding picture); and any other identifying details you want assigned to each piece we take possession of.

Business Move Solutions also has a fully racked, secure archives department that can host your physical records that, as we all know, tend to pile up and often fall to the bottom of the organization’s priority list — until a need for them arises and it is sadly discovered that they have not been stored securely and you now have a reclamation project on your hands.

Our “always-on,” CCTV-monitored facility will ensure that your records are stored safely, with tracking functionality that will allow you to retrieve them quickly when needed. We can help you free up space at your office, create a more robust filing system, and ensure that your records reside (never directly on the floor) in a climate-controlled environment that will preserve them for as long as you need them.

Please keep us in mind for office, business, laboratory movings if you get swept up in the change that is afoot in greater Philadelphia.



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