Managing your business’s archives is not anyone’s idea of a glamorous gig. Out of sight, out of mind, right?

That works great until there’s a sudden need for them.

Is management doing a deep dive into previous administrative decision-making to better understand current challenges? Find yourself being sued and need evidence in your defense—say, a trademark infringement case that requires a thorough timeline of a product’s development?

That’s why companies need to take their archival practices seriously. Not doing so can create the dreaded “we got caught with our pants down” scenario.

And if a business is growing, then its accumulation of records is growing too—and probably piling up in corners, haphazardly crammed onto storage shelves, and basically taking over like some paperwork monster from a horror film.

Business Move Solutions Inc. (BMSi) provides a wide range of office moving and general business support services in the greater Philadelphia area across Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and the Delaware tri-state region. And one of our primary offerings is an archive records service, one that provides secure storage and organization in a fully racked, environmentally controlled, CCTV-monitored warehouse that will not only store your records safely but also provide quick, efficient access to them.

If your current storage “system” is shoving paperwork into those fancy boxes you sent an intern down to Staples to buy and then piling those boxes in a closet or, worse yet, in a basement waiting for a flood—well, there’s a better way. Such a “system” certainly lacks proper security (due to floods, fires, rodents, and accidental disposal) and even worse, eventually, no one remembers what’s in which box (or even where a specific box is located).

Properly archived records are easier to access and, well, more likely to actually still exist when needed.

The primary reasons for creating legitimate records archival procedures are:

  • Guard Against Data Loss: Storing your records in a facility specifically designed for that purpose means you’re getting a state-of-the-art fire suppression, security, and conservation system. Records won’t get moldy, stolen, chewed on, or turned to ashes. Our facility already stores over 40,000 square feet of our clients’ records—safely and securely.
  • Cover Your Legal Bases: State and federal agencies require the retention of a wide range of documentation. Your legal staff and counsel will advise another tranche of records to retain. Our tracking system, which is an intrinsic aspect of our archive records service, will help you develop retention schedules and a methodological approach to this aspect of your business.
  • Guard Against Cyber Theft: Archiving physical records is also a good counter-measure against cyber attacks, especially ransomware assaults that lock a company out of its own virtual data (maybe until a payoff is made—or maybe not). Paper records and backup hard drives stored at a separate facility guard against this fate.

More and more businesses are realizing how vital it is to have a professional, well-developed records retention system as a normal aspect of commerce. Because BMSi is a company that thinks about the needs of businesses every day—at its core, it’s what our business is—we have created our Archive Records department to meet the highest standards and best serve our clients.

If you have a business in our area—Bucks and Montgomery counties in Pennsylvania; New Castle County in Delaware; or Burlington, Camden, Gloucester, Salem, Cumberland, Atlantic, or Cape May counties in New Jersey—then get in touch so we can help ensure that you’re doing the vital, but not very glamorous, the job of protecting your business by properly retaining its records.

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