The phrase “workplace solution” has come to have more than one meaning in the business world. In the realm of human resources, it deals with a wide range of strategies to improve the interaction of management and employees. When focused on a specific workplace, it is usually a framework for making human collaborations more efficient and pleasant.

But the concept can also be tied directly to the physical reality of the workplace — as opposed to cerebral activity hosted there — and encompasses a suite of best practices and services for organizing and making safe and occupational location. And it should be noted that a well-ordered, ergonomic, and clean work environment will actually improve everything that the human resources department works so hard to achieve.

So, what can a focused workplace solutions effort do?

Create A Better Setting

Workplace solutions can take a business location, examine and critique its current realities, and then develop a better way of doing things — meaning the creation of a better place to work. This falls under the realm of what is known as space planning.

Just as an architect builds around the requirements of a client to create a building that is best suited for their purposes, a workplace solutions consultant will help plan and create physical spaces within a building that make for environments that best support the tasks carried out therein. The bulk of a company’s work is usually done in a specific location. It is paramount that it supports the health (mental and physical) of the people working there — and their ability to focus.

Once planning is complete, workplace solutions specialists also handle any office renovations or furniture installation necessary to carry out the plan. They offer umbrella services to assist with a comprehensive solution.

Renovation projects are always, well … a project. A dedicated workplace solutions company can handle all the details — any necessary permitting, arrangements with landlords, acting as the project manager with contractors — so that the job gets done right while not chewing up their client’s human and capital resources.

Furniture installation isn’t as complex a chore, but don’t underestimate the things that can go wrong. Employees not used to this kind of work can get hurt (and rightly file for workers’ compensation or healthcare-related expenses). Expensive new or existing physical capital can be damaged. A workplace solutions business specializes in getting these kinds of tasks done without any drama.

Make It a Safer Workplace

Safety is always an important concern in any office or factory setting. Good space planning is actually an important aspect of creating a safe workplace. And cleanliness is always important.

In the age of COVID-19, these issues are even more vital. Workplace solutions include a bundle of sanitation actions known as “final clean” services. Whether ongoing, part of a major overhaul, or as one of the final steps of a relocation, final cleans are thorough, expert maintenance cleanups that handle the dirty work that needs to get done.

Likewise, glass wall installations are a workplace solution finding more traction in the age of COVID. These barriers will reinforce social distancing in the workplace while also creating versatile, usable spaces that are full of light — acting as a physical manifestation of safe collaboration.

If Moving On Is the Thing To Do

If a current space has been outgrown — or just not feasible for any reason — then managing and handling office moving projects also falls under the realm of workplace solutions. This entails all aspects of the planning, undertaking, and finalizing of major office relocations — including the full final clean of the space being vacated so that security deposit requirements are met.

Just as companies sometimes bring in human resource specialists to get an outsider’s eye and expertise about how they manage their workplace, bringing in a workplace solutions company to oversee space planning, office renovations, or any number of other important tasks is often just what a company needs.

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