Is your business thinking of making a move now that the long COVID-19 “timeout” is on the cusp of ending?

And even if you don’t currently have a concrete plan, maybe you should at least have a preliminary relocation strategy in place. One thing that commonly happens to too many businesses is the decision to relocate happens quickly, leading to an “on the fly” operation that creates disarray, stress, and inefficiencies.

If you have a business anywhere in Delaware—from the WilmingtonNewarkNew Castle area down through Dover and anywhere else—Business Move Solutions Inc. (BMSi) is here to not only help you plan your business move but to do all the dirty work when it happens.

Whether your move is imminent or you want an action plan in the bottom drawer just in case, here are a few tips for staying ahead of the relocation game.

The Big Picture

Start by thinking through your goals and understanding what’s been happening on the ground with your business in the recent past—and whether those trends are likely to continue.

Has a significant portion of your workforce, or particular departments, reacted to COVID-19 by going to work-at-home or flex schedules? Is this now a forced change that, having been adapted, seems to work for everyone? If so, that will need to be clearly reflected moving forward with decision-making about how your company will maintain facilities moving forward.

In what can be a related issue, does your business need to improve its communications infrastructure due to these developments—including possibly finding a location that provides a more stable and powerful conduit to the Internet? Has it become obvious that you need an expanded in-house tech department to support the new reality—and they need a space that works for them?

Really, Make a Plan

Creating realistic schedules is paramount when making a move—or even planning one down the road. And we mean detailed schedules with plenty of subheads. As the great basketball coach John Wooden put it: “It’s the little details that are vital. Little things make big things happen.”

And, if you haven’t lived through one, moving a business is a seriously big thing. A “BFD” as Delaware’s favorite son likes to put it.

One broad idea to keep in mind is it’s always easier to move during the low tide of your business’s annual business cycle. Also, breaking the move into semiautonomous “chunks” that can be given strict time slots in the overall schedule will create a step-by-step rhythm to the process, helping forward momentum. Finally, remember that a realistic schedule depends on an exacting communication protocol that guarantees that the needs and limitations of every department are accounted for throughout the move.

Create a Responsibility Tree

For a successful move, someone has to be responsible for each and everything that has to happen. Spend the time necessary to ensure that there are no cracks in the floor of the flowchart that things can fall through.

That means building a good, solid team that’s ready to work together and taking communication with everyone in your organization seriously. Make sure people feel their needs are being taken seriously—as opposed to their simply being told what to do without any input about how the move will directly affect them.

These three basic building blocks of an efficient, successful move can be handled in-house. But don’t forget that some of us handle these kinds of projects for a living. BMSi can provide consultation services that can make things go even more smoothly, enabling you to continue concentrating on your core business operations.

And when it comes to the big day, when everything is actually picked up (after the breakables have been carefully packed), we can provide you with all the services you need. So, if you’re going to be on the move in Delaware anytime soon—or want to prepare for that possibility—please get in touch.

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