How will you protect our new offices?

We place polycarbonate blue board on the floors, corner protection on door frames and elevator frames, and corrugated cardboard along your walls.

Will you discuss the move with building management?

Yes, we will assist your team in coordinating the project and arrange for access to loading docks, elevators, building ingress and egress.

We have a library move / we have a medical chart move, can you help?

A project manager, pack team and move team will be assigned to the overall relocation project to ensure the planning and execution of the relocation of the library meets the needs of your staff. All books will be moved on special carts and are labeled to guarantee the accurate replacement of the books on the new shelves.

We have confidential material to move, how do you deal with secure files?

We will work with your security staff and establish a schedule to move classified or otherwise confidential material meeting any level of chain of custody requirements. This is accomplished through thorough planning, communication, sealed trucks, sealed crates, line of sight and signatures.

What is your estimating process?

We send a relocation management specialist to visit your premises and perform a relocation evaluation. From there we build your scope of work, define the resources necessary to perform your project, provide a written plan of how we intend to execute your project and provide a clear flat fee cost to you and your team. Once your team has determined we are your best choice to handle your project, a project manager will be assigned to your project and will begin coordinating the project with you and your team.

Can you help us pack our offices?

BMSI can provide a solution to all of your packing needs. We will fully discuss packing, labeling, your responsibilities, our responsibilities and the materials, equipment and procedures involved. We will outline our labeling process, color coding, room diagrams, directional placards, preparing sensitive and fragile items for shipment and identify personal property. Written packing plans and custom packing plans are provided to help. BMSI also provides packing services that can handle all of the packing if needed.

Can you help us move our I.T.?

Yes, BMSI PC Techs are trained to disconnect, package, place and reconnect all manner of desktop I.T. systems and configurations, printers, faxes, and copiers. BMSI will record all items disconnected, package your items into anti-static bubble wrap, relocate everything, set it back up and reconnect everything using the latest cable management processes required with today’s popular furniture systems.

Is it more expensive to move after hours?

No, more often than not, it is less expensive. There are many efficiencies captured after hours then there are during normal business hours. There is less competition for docks, elevators, etc.

Do you have storage and can you manage our assets?

Yes, BMSI has a 47,000 square foot, fully racked, CCTV monitored, warehouse with a n integrated inventory system that can be viewed online through a custom and secure portal.

Do you have insurance?

Yes, you are protected! BMSI is fully insured.

We are buying furniture for our new office, what is to be done with the existing furniture?

You can store it in our warehouse, we can have one of our preferred vendors inspect your furniture to determine is liquidation is feasible, or we can remove it and recycle or dispose of it.

Can you help move our existing furniture and cubicle/workstations?

Yes, BMSI installers can complete the disassembly, and reassembly of virtually all makes of systems furniture.

How do you handle last minute changes?

Our aim from the beginning of our relocation management process is to capture all potential scenarios and plan to attack each as they arise. However, movement is fluid and our teams know that. WE maintain a high level of flexibility in order to adapt. The experience of our teams, the strength of our company’s resources allows us to respond to challenge quickly and effectively. If a change is substantial and carries with it a cost impact, we will immediately notify you and your team so there are no surprises.

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