We are not your typical moving company. BMSI teams are focused exclusively, and intently, on office relocations. This means that we must train and deploy the very best installers and carpenters that understand today’s integrated furniture systems. Our furniture technicians are trained regularly on installing, re-configuring and repairing all major brands of workstation and modular furniture systems. BMSI is proud to offer this service and include it in our suite of turn-key relocation services.

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Workstation, Furniture and Chair Cleaning:
BMSI furniture technicians can bring new life back into your workstation panels and your cloth chairs. Using our extraction method of cleaning and sanitization, our techs can perform cleaning services for you at any time of day or night to stay out of your way and not in the way of your business’ productivity.
Office Furniture Installation:
Our expert office furniture installers specialize in modular workstations and wood set furniture installation and reconfiguration services with certification from all the major modular / cubicle furniture systems.
Furniture Installation, Reconfiguration and Decommission:
BMSI has been selected by many regional furniture dealers to receive, inspect, redeliver, place and install their new product within their customer’s workplaces. BMSI is engaged regularly to inspect, create a solution and execute workstation and private office furniture reconfigurations to suit our customer’s ever changing workplace environment. BMSI is also regularly engaged by our customers to completely decommission workplace furniture, files and equipment whether for the purposes of returning a space to broom swept condition and configuration or in preparation for renovations.

Chairs and workstation panels extracted (steam cleaned onsite during off hours)…

Pounds of workstation, furniture, chair, and electronic waste removed and recycled…

Workstations decommissioned and removed from our customer’s offices…

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