Moving an entire office is stressful and overwhelming without the right partner helping you along. BMSI is an industry expert and has developed a moving system built upon years of moving experience. BMSI will partner with you and lead the process of getting you and your teams to where they need to be as quickly as possible to minimize downtime and maximize productivity.

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Packing Services:

BMSI packing specialists are available to pack typical office contents ranging from fine art and office electronics to break rooms and supply closets. Our packers understand and employ office moving industry standard packing practices and use appropriate materials for multiple applications. BMSI packers are also selected by many of our customers to handle library, file room and chart room relocations. Our teams will unpack, inspect, inventory, protect, relocate and re-populate your books, files and charts in file order and according to your industry and business specific standards and requirements. Multiple Chain of Custody levels available.

Office Furniture Installation:

Our expert office furniture installers specialize in modular workstations and wood set furniture installation and reconfiguration services with certification from all the major modular / cubicle furniture systems.

Turn-Key Relocation Support:

BMSI has cultivated a tried and true relocation process by which our customers are guided through their relocation project step by step. BMSI Move Managers are trained, weekly, to OWN our customer’s relocation projects and to lead the process to ensure every trap, snare and challenge is identified and overcome. BMSI provides all necessary packing and labeling material, all required material handling equipment needed to move furniture, cabinets, safes, PC’s, servers, copiers/printers, files, etc. with any desired degree of confidentiality and chain of custody. We employ professionally trained Packers, PC Technicians, File / Chart Relocation Specialists and Library Relocation Specialists and chain of custody. We employ professionally trained Packers, PC Technicians, File / Chart Relocation Specialists and Library Relocation Specialists.

Workstation, Furniture and Chair Cleaning:

BMSI furniture technicians can bring new life back into your workstation panels and your cloth chairs. Using our extraction method of cleaning and sanitization, our techs can perform cleaning services for you at any time of day or night to stay out of your way and not in the way of your business’ productivity.


BMSI technicians will thoroughly inspect your office premises for sensitive and branded material. Every piece of furniture will be fully inspected: behind all furniture, inside all drawers, front side, underneath each piece (in, on, around & underneath). Confirm all drawers have been opened and pulled out completely. Check behind and underneath the drawer tracks, inspect for false bottoms; a hidden void under a horizontal panel in a cabinet. All trash or papers will be removed from the furniture and asset tags found on the furniture reflecting the company or its subsidiaries will be removed. All fixed cabinetry will be fully inspected. Cubicles/desks may need to be disassembled and moved in order to complete inspection. Confirm all branded fixtures have been removed or destroyed. All furniture will be placed back in its original spot after inspection and a full report with all material found boxed and labeled for further instructions about disposal and destruction.

Decommission and Clean Sweep of Former Space:

BMSI provides this service after a move out from your former office space. Typically, the landlord or buyer (if your former space was owned by your company) stipulates in your lease that the Premises be left in broom swept conditions and configuration. BMSI technicians will break down all furniture, file systems, shelving, data and voice cabling, and all other office contents, remove them from the premises and dispose of them or recycle them. Our teams will vacuum, patch and prime walls, and perform any other services necessary to prepare your team for the final inspection and walk through with your landlord.

Furniture Installation, Reconfiguration and Decommission:

BMSI has been selected by many regional furniture dealers to receive, inspect, redeliver, place and install their new product within their customer’s workplaces. BMSI is engaged regularly to inspect, create a solution and execute workstation and private office furniture reconfigurations to suit our customer’s ever changing workplace environment. BMSI is also regularly engaged by our customers to completely decommission workplace furniture, files and equipment whether for the purposes of returning a space to broom swept condition and configuration or in preparation for renovations.

Workstations Received at our warehouse, redelivered and built in our customer's offices…

Workstations decommissioned and removed from our customer’s offices…

Personnel & contents relocated (Furniture, Files and Equipment)…

Files and charts removed from old shelving, relocated and repopulated in file order…

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