Our Process

BMSI Office Moving Teams are process driven. We have developed a highly detailed process for every facet of relocation, furniture and workspace technology relocation, and moving over the years. Our teams train regularly to achieve the highest proficiency to those processes.

Office Site Survey / Inventory:

Creating an accurate and detailed inventory for the office moving process is the only way to build an accurate and appropriate scope of work. This is a critical part of your move and deserves the attention of a specialist. During the initial meeting and site survey, our team will create a detailed inventory of what your company intends to move. I.T. is identified, workstations and furniture is properly identified, filing, shelving, seating, storage, and wall mounted items are recorded on our inventory. This meeting typically takes about 15 to 30 minutes of your time.

Project Scope and Proposal:

After the Initial meeting, BMSI project management will begin to build a scope of work from which to provide various solutions based upon need. You will then be provided with a flat fee proposal outlining our proposed office moving solution.

Pre Move Preparation:

If awarded the project, then BMSI project management will initiate our relocation management process including calendared invites to team members for pre-printed labels, equipment deliveries, pre-move instructional meetings with your staff, submitting certificates of insurance, executing pre move packing, preparations and other pre move activities.

Moving Your Office:

When the day comes to commence with the relocation of your business from one office to another office, BMSI will execute your move in aligment with our move day process ensuring building protection is applied, priority moves happen in a timely manner in lock step with the general relocation, furniture and workstations are disassembled – protected – rebuilt to plan, technology is disconnected – packed – reconnected with cable management, files are packed and unpacked in file order – and the customer received regular communication throughout the day.

Post Move Activity:

Your project does not end with the placement of the final piece of furniture – our relocation management specialists know it! Post move support teams will be deployed to address final placements and minor adjustments if needed. Relocation specialists will follow up to ensure invoicing is correct and that all equipment and supplies are pick up and removed from your workplace environment.

It is our belief that properly trained, professionally practiced and process driven teams deliver the high quality level of service that today’s modern office relocation projects demand.

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